Thursday, August 30, 2012

{From a Wedding to Half Dome}

Yikes. It has been quite a while since my last post- I'm sure none of you have even noticed, so we're good! I can't believe summer is over. Well, it doesn't seem like it's over because my days continue to be the same as well as Cams- but kids are in SCHOOL already! What the? I'm sure all of you mama's are happy about that!

Cam and I have had a really fun summer. After my family left from the beach house extravaganza- I was depressed, drowning in homesickness! However, I lived. We got to make a trip out to Utah for my cousins wedding. We had a blast, and were really glad we made it out there. It is always a great time visiting family and friends. My favorite part is always seeing my little nieces and nephews. They bring such joy in this hell of a world!

 There was a big family reunion at our cabin while I was in town. It was great seeing cousins I haven't seen in YEARS, and to spend time with the ones I'm closest to as well. It's always a good time at the Cabin.

The nerd batch

Girly cousins

My lovely mother

My buddies


We were able to spend a night up at the cabin while we were there, too. Oh, how we love that magical, beautiful place of nature. My parents and our best friends Dave + Kalee came up to have elk adventures with us.

Right when Cam and I arrived back to CA, my brother Micah and his beautiful wife Carly were staying at our home for a few days to visit! We were so excited about that. Cam kind of has a man crush on Micah- they are so much alike and get a long really well. Carly and I get along a little TOO well when it comes to candy and sweets! We loved and cherished every single moment we had to spend with them. I took them down to Old Town SD, and we had a blast. Unfortunately, little Eleni was in Utah with her grandparents while M + C were in CA for IVF. On that note, CONGRATULATIONS to lovely Carly! She has got a bun in the OVEN folks! Seeing how absolutely beautiful Eleni is, I can't even imagine what God has put together for this next one.

Cam, our 2 friends Matt + Amanda and I spent a weekend in Palm Springs recently. It was a lot of fun- despite the 2 billion degree weather and the flaming old men everywhere. It was fun to just be able to relax and not have a schedule (as my schedule is just SO full and busy and important each day.) As we took a late night swim in the pool one night, we were aproached by an interesting maintenence worker. When I say interesting, I mean Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre Creepy. This dude came and talked (at) us for an hour and a half, while we were sitting in the pool. He was full of "stories" of his acting career and did many Elvis impressions for us. Weird. He left to "go get something" in his golf cart, and we all literally thought he was going to grab something to murder us with. We lived- and left the pool that night with some great stories.

A few weekends ago, my parents went to Fresno, CA for 2 friends baptisms. My dad actually had the opportunity to baptize them! It was a really special day. We met them up there, and we all spent a day in Yosemite. It was all of our first times! My mom had been when she was really young, but didn't remember much. If you know my family, we LOVE national parks! So we were very excited. It was absolutely incredible. I wish we could've spent more time there- however, we saw a lot in just one day! We saw the Half Dome, Glacier Point, and the beautiful Sequoias. Cam and I had a wonderful weekend with my parents.

Half Dome

Our awesome plane to Fresno

Thanks for tuning in- if you're still there and made it to this point of the post :)