Friday, November 4, 2011

{Halloween and Things}

Well, I have quite the update of what's been going on out here. We have been so pleased to have several guests this past couple of weeks. First, Matt and Kaylynne (my brother and his wife) came and spent the weekend with us. It was so good to see them, and to have our first official visitors! We had a lot of fun together. Cam and I made them crepes on Saturday morning, of course. We are addicted to our new crepe maker. Later, we all went to the San Diego Zoo. It was so much fun! The only Zoo I've ever been to is the Hogal Zoo, which- don't get me wrong, is pretty SWEET! HOWEVER, this zoo is incredible! I saw things I seriously didn't even know existed! HA. My favorite was the panda bear. It truly was Jack Black in real life! KUNG FU PANDA. I am completely convinced that movie is real life, after watching this panda.

We had a lot of fun with Matt and K, but the goodbyes are always not so fun :( This last weekend, my sister Jenna came to visit. Let me just say- Every Halloween, we always dominate in costumes, right?..right?! Well, last year we (surprisingly) pulled off Barbie & Ken. This year, well- we went a different direction.. with Jen added into the mix! Us 3 went up to Disneyland for "Mickey's Halloween Party." First off, I HIGHLY recommend it. It is awesome! So much fun- and since they only give out a certain amount of tickets for each night, there are literally, ZERO lines! Best part, you get free candy(trick or treating) and you get to dress up! We, 3 fully grown adults (who knows how true that is) had WAY too much fun dressing up at Disneyland and PARTYING WITH MICKEY and friends! This is a must needed tradition from now on. WHO'S IN?

What a fun Halloween! right? Well we had so much while Jen was in town. The night before she flew in, Cam set up a "wall shelf" that I got from IKEA in the guest bedroom. I was so excited to put some books and decorations in it so it'd look nice when Jen came! So I did.. and Jen thought it looked so good (at least I think she did.) So, the first night she slept in our guest room, she took an ambien to help her get to sleep. So, she comes up to my room the next morning with a puzzled look on her face. She says, "So, I don't know what happened.. I mean I must have done it during the night, you know I sometimes do crazy things when I take ambien.." I'm thinking WHAT THE HECK did you do? ".. I completely re-arranged your shelf." What the? Seriously? "..Everything is moved around and the "LOVE" letters are rearranged. I somehow nailed the 'L' and the 'O' up on the wall." OK, I'm seriously thinking 2 things- either, our house is haunted! Or somebody came into our house last night. So we go downstairs, and when I see it.. I start laughing my head off, I couldn't even tell her why I was laughing, I was laughing so hard. She didn't realize that it was a "Wall" shelf, and it had fallen off of the wall onto the floor, so everything moved around. We were laughing so hard. Good times, good times.

Again, we made lots of yummy crepes and had a great time at the beach 3 days in a row. Every day we were there, the dolphins were feeding on the sardines right on the shore, and so we got to watch them swim up and down the shoreline! It was truly magical.. I've never seen anything like it.

So.. if any of you want to come and visit- We promise you CREPES.. Lots and lots of yummy, fresh fruit filled CREPES :) How could you resist?


Well, it was a Halloween I've never experienced before! HA. Cam and I dressed up in our skeleton morphsuits, and I totally decked the house out- hoping we would have trick or treaters. At least one or two, right? WELL.. we didn't get any, but we definitely made it a night to remember, by screaming off the balcony telling kids to come, smoking the whole house up with the smoke machine until the fire alarm went off.. (literally, we had to rip it off the wall to stop.) Happy Halloween :)

Cam ordered some new Allen Edmonds shoes about a month or so ago, and has been so excited to get them in the mail! They finally came yesterday, and while he was at work he probably texted me at least 4 or 5 times through out the day asking about them and wanting a picture of them. I told him he can see them when he gets home! So, I had the Box they came in on the couch, so he could see it right when he walked in. Of course he went straight for the box, only to see it was empty! There was a little note inside that read, "Clue #1".. I had about 5 or 6 clues around the house that finally lead up to his precious shoes.

I thought it was funny :)

Sorry so long! I need to post more often.