Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{Real life is Unpredictable}

A few nights ago, Cam and I fell asleep around 11:30 (which is pretty late for us on a week day.) It was one of the few nights I've fallen asleep with ease. Around 12:40 or so, both of us woke up abruptly from a deep sleep to a really loud sound from some sort of air craft above our home. We were both very startled and had no idea what it was, and why it was so loud. As we sat there for a few seconds and listened, we noticed that it was circling our complex over and over again. That is when I had a bad feeling that something wasn't right. "CAM, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!" We heard a man on the intercom coming from the helicopter but we couldn't quite make out what he was saying. All we got from it was "Get off the balcony!" and "Canine unit!" What in the world? We both jumped out of our beds faster than I knew my body could even move! I was struggling trying to find my eye glasses. Nothing worse than a vulnerable blind girl. Cam told me to "Get into the closet, NOW!" All I said was "GET YOUR GUN!" This was the first(and hopefully last) time that Cam had to legitimately get out his loaded gun from the safe beside his bed. 

As Cam and I hid in our closet, while listening to the helicopter circle our complex for about 45 minutes, not being able to tell what they were saying- what do you think was going through our heads?! What would YOU have done? We just knew there was trouble, and it scared us half to death. We had one cell phone with us in the closet, and didn't want to leave just in case someone was in our home. Of course, we had NO reception to make phone calls- so we texted both of our parents to see if they could turn on the news or call the police to find out what was going on.

I literally think I said about 18 prayers that we weren't going to die that night. It was the first time in my life I truly didn't know if we were going to be safe. After an hour or so, Cams dad let us know that he had talked to the police, and "The person they were looking for is now in their custody, and everything is OK." We were still a little uneasy, not knowing what had happened. It took us awhile to get back to sleep (ESPECIALLY paranoid me.)

We found out the next day, that the police were telling some dude to get off of his roof across the way from us. We still don't know what he was doing, or what was going on- but I was definitely relieved to know that someone wasn't in our complex causing harm or trouble.

It may sound silly now, but it was very scary for Cam and me! It literally sounded like the helicopter was RIGHT over OUR unit, and the light was so bright and the intercom was so loud. I thought it had to be one of two things: OBAMA, or ALIENS.

Thank Heaven, it was neither.

We sat in bed for several minutes before we fell asleep again, talking about how we really have no idea what is going to happen each day, and how important it is to live our lives to the absolute fullest. That sounds so cliche, I know- but it really is true. Don't ever hold back from loving the people in your life to the absolute highest capacity, and being happy NOW. Don't focus on the past, or always look forward to the future- try and be happy in the now. We never know what could happen to us or our loved ones every day. Why waste time in our days that we don't even know how many we have- with dumb arguments, complaining or negative energy. I definitely have a lot to work on!

Til' next time.