Thursday, January 5, 2012

{A Magical Christmas}

Is there a better way to spend our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. then in NYC the week before the holidays, followed by an AMAZING week spent at home in Utah with my incredible family and friends? I think not. Nope. Heck no. Negativo.

It was such a great opportunity for Cam and I to be able to meet my parents out in NYC to watch them appear on the Today Show, for 4Life's wonderful donation to Toys-for-Tots. Cam and I were able to head out there a few days earlier than them, and enjoy the beautiful city that never sleeps! We had so much fun, and honestly.. we could easily move there! If.. we had the money, and a reason.. I guess those are 2 pretty important factors! It's just such a different, amazing feeling being in that city- like no other city. We were on our feet all day everyday, trying not to let a minute go to waste while we were there! We explored the island of Manhattan from uptown to downtown.

We saw Wicked on Broadway, as well as Phantom of the Opera. They were both absolutely incredible! I think our favorite was going to the Radio City Rockettes show, with my parents. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, on the verge of tears! I hope one day our whole family will be able to go back and see that amazing show- the kids would absolutely LOVE it! We had the opportunity to go onto the set of the Today Show, and meet Kathie Lee and Hoda, as my parents appeared on the show. My parents did an exceptional job on the show, I was so proud! It was so fun watching the whole thing behind the scenes! It's crazy how the set is SO much smaller than it looks on TV. What an amazing trip that will forever be cherished!

Cam posing for all to see :)

It had officially been 3 months (yeah well- it seems like a long time to me) since I had been home in Utah- and let's just say it felt SO good to see all of my family! I went a week earlier than Cam, so he could finish working for the week- and I could spend more time with the fam. It was so great to see the little kiddies, and my family and friends. What a wonderful Christmas- spent up at the cabin. Who would've thought Santa would even come THERE?! He sure did.. pulled up on a snowmobile! Dang straight, we don't mess around! I miss mom's Italian sodas, and Tanya and Jon's music, and chaos with so many people and kids, and riding the snowmobiles through those beautiful aspens, and riding in the toboggan, and having precious Norah following me around, and seeing the kids priceless faces as Santa came in, and sledding for hours at a time, making human trains! YOU know WHO you ARE!



 Nev made for such a beautiful baby Jesus!

 Cam couldn't get over how awesome Norah looked in her snow suit!
 Tis the season!

 Nothing like mom and dad tipping the snowmobile with all of us in the toboggan! haha awesome.
 Norah was outside for hours throwing snow for Dolce.
 We tried our big long train... sometimes we failed, ha!

 Best part is.. we ALL made it safely and in one piece down the hill this time!

We missed Cam's family during Christmas too! I just wish we could all live in the same place, and everyone could be 5 minutes from each other! We feel so blessed to have such incredible, fun, adventurous, nerdy, amazing people in our lives. Let's be honest- we have the best families IN the world! Cam and I wish all the blessings in the world and beyond- to you and your families this new year!


  1. How did Norah get that deer to jump up to her like that?

  2. You should post more images next time. You need at least 10004 for an adequate post ;).