Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{Hola, Ixtapa}

Cam and I had the opportunity to spend a week in Ixtapa, Mexico with his family. I had only been to Mexico once, and it was a stop on a cruise.  We stopped in Cozumel for a few hours, and mom and I were shopping when we heard the ship horn as it was leaving. We ran to the boat, to find out it (luckily) wasn't ours. That's all I really remember about Mexico.

Ixtapa is absolutely beautiful, and the resort we stayed at was amazing. Cams parents have a time share there, and we were lucky enough to all go with them this time. The week consisted of a LOT of beach time, relaxing, eating and Mexican musica. I loved every minute of it. Every night the resort put on some sort of show. Each night was a different theme: Caribbean, Broadway, Michael Jackson, etc.

Downtown Ixtapa is really fun, and we ate at some great restaurants. Happy to say, nobody got sick.. this time!

Best part of the trip for me: Getting a 1 hour massage in a hut on the beach for $10 dollars.
Worst part of the trip for me: The banana boat ride. It consisted of me being the smallest person on it, getting thrown around and nailed by Cam when we flew off into the water. Don't worry, I still love you Cammy. I almost drowned on the way in, getting nailed by a massive wave too.GOOD TIMES, FOLKS.

Blurry, but this was us jammed in the car on our way to the resort.

Cam and I kayaking

Our balcony

Set this little guy free in the ocean after birth.

Don't be fooled but how fun and calm the banana boat ride looks here..


  1. Wish i was on that banana boat right now!! Next time we'll surf the wave in on the naner.

  2. Love the pictures! Looks like a lot of fun! And those banana things....scary! I got hurt on one in third grade. I never got on one again! (Ha!)