Monday, March 5, 2012

{Little bit of an Update}

Is it just me, or did FEBRUARY fly? Seriously, I didn't even once go to Subway and get a FebruANY deal!

Cam and I had a great Valentines day. It was made up of a little bit of Del Taco, flowers, sexy notes, and an amazing Italian Dinner. Thanks baby! 

The last few weekends have been so crazy but so fun for Cam and I- mostly, because we were able to spend a lot of time with family! FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY - music to my ears.

For Presidents day weekend, we had the opportunity to go to Utah and spend time with my family. Let's be honest- we were at the cabin the whole time playing in the snow! It was so fun to relax and ride snowmobiles (I drove one for the first time- basically straight into the (frozen) pond) and play with the little ones. We got to spend time with our best friends Kalee and Dave, which is always a highlight! We got to meet Mitt Romney, which was really cool and such a great opportunity. Of course, going to the 2 Jazz games made my weekend! I've missed them.

Cabin fun!

Dave and little Nev!
Pals :)

I spy.. Shawn Bradley!

We are so blessed for all of the wonderful people we have in our lives.

The next weekend, Mark, Terri, Carli and Chris were up at Disneyland- and Cam and I went up to meet them for a couple of days. Disney is ALWAYS a good idea. DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY- again, music to my ears. We had such a fun time with them. As some of you know- Cam has been a bit "injured" the last few weeks, and we justified putting him in a wheelchair and Disneyland. Yeah, I know what you're all thinking- but honestly.. we didn't even get to the front of any lines right away. Except Little Mermaid. It wasn't worth it, atleast for me and Chris who had to push the 210 pound man in the chair all over Disney! HA! Good times. Idiots. I think the highlight was running into Kenyon Martin and him totally thinking he knew who Cam was. We always love seeing family and visitors!

This last week, Cam's family stayed at their time share in Carlsbad- at the beach. We were able to go and spend some time with them down there. It was absolutely gorgeous down there, with the beautiful sunsets and the delicious dinners Cheri made each night! We had a lot of fun being able to go down and spend time with them there.

This last weekend, we met my parents, Matt & Kay, Jenna and her friend Kim in VEGAS. Not so much music to my ears (It's VEGAS)  HOWEVER- it really was so much fun meeting up with the fam for the not-so-good BYU game, and staying at the magical Venetian hotel. That place is seriously incredible! We had a lot of fun shopping around and riding a limo to Old Vegas ! haha good times.

As cam and I were checking out of the hotel, the woman clarifies "3 long distance phone calls from the hotel room" at a cost of 35$. Cam looks to me in disbelief, as he then realizes I did make those calls. As I was sitting on the toilet (of course they put a phone in there) I thought it'd be funny to call Cam on his cell and say hello. 3 times. By the way- he was in the other room. Why didn't anybody tell me they charge for that! Gee. It's not like I called to India. 2 of the calls didn't even go through. Jerks! I felt so terribly stupid, but mostly bad that I did that and wasted money. I'm so thankful for Cam that all he could do really- was laugh it off. Good times.

Cam and I made the trip well worth it, by listening to The Hunger Games on tape, there and back. We can't wait for the movie to come out! We're kind of nerds. It's always hard to say goodbye at the end of trips to see my family. Until next time.

Gondola Ride!


Now it's back to reality (that definitely hit when Cam had to wake up at 4 am for work this morning) and looking forward to the next adventure!

Meg & Cam


  1. I sure love that we made the post! So glad you let us spend that time with you guys....we miss you! Love you :)

  2. Hopefully this ''Romeny" guy isn't a threat to Romney getting the nomination...

    Cam in a chair, wow.

  3. All of your family time looks like FUN!!! So glad to watch you through blog life! Baci!!!