Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love.. and Puerto Ricans}

Well, the convention was a HUGE success, and Cam and I had a blast in Philly. We were so excited to be able to see all of the history there, and attend the convention, but especially spend time with family. Thank you- 4life! hehe.

We had so much fun watching mom and dad in action, as well as the rest of the 4Life clan! We also had a chance to ride the hop-on-hop-off bus to see the sites, which was really fun! Cam, my brother and sissy Adam and Jenna and I took a midnight stroll one of the nights around the city trying to find me some KANKA at a Rite Aid. Great times in the middle of the night in Philly- Great meaning frightening and friendly all at the same time. Those who were there, know who I'm talking about.

 What a great week in Philadelphia.

Sixth Sense house where the kid gets attacked in attic

Rocky stairs!

Independence Hall

Liberty Bell

JR Martinez was the keynote speaker of the convention. Super nice guy!

City Hall
Cam lookin' so good for the Gala! mm

Basketball game for the foundation 4Life. VERY entertaining.

Gala night

Mom was a cheerleader! A very cute one!

The original LOVE is NOT in NYC!

Which is which? Which one is the REAL daddio!? hehe

The highlight of the whole trip was watching JR Martinez dip my mom on stage in front of 8,000 people! I'm not going to lie, they would make great dancing partners for Dancing with the Stars! 


  1. Ah I'm so sad I missed the first convention since knowing your fam!! I still remember the first one where Micah was dressed up was the beast and Jenna was Bell!! Those were good times;) Looks like you guys had so much fun! So awesome you got to met JR! You will have to tell me all about it! :) btw you look too adorable in every single photo! xoxo

  2. Carly! You were there in spirit basically because we couldn't stop saying how much we wanted you there! Miss you so much! love you! Can't wait for beach house!