Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{A Very Happy Birthday, and More}

I was so blessed to be able to spend a week in Utah with my family at the beginning of the month. It was very much needed family time! I got to spend a lot of time with my Mama, and catch up on some over due late night chats together. Dad took me on rides on his new bikes! Matt and Kay hung out with me almost everyday- I had so much fun with them! I even got to eat Taco Amigo like 5 times. I truly have been so blessed to have such wonderful sister in laws! ALL of them :) I got to go to Harrison's baseball game and Tyke's soccer game! Now, that was the highlight of my week for sure.

I was so lucky that I was there during Jenna's class program! It was truly amazing, and so hilarious! I finally got to see City Creek- and let's just say I had to clean out my closet a bit when I got home! Cam flew in at the end of the week, for my Birthday weekend. We had the opportunity to go to 2 Jazz vs. Spurs playoff games. Even though we got SWEPT- it was still so fun to be able to go to the games. It was the best birthday. Sunday, we got to spend the whole day with the family, and best of all- the little ones. OH, how I miss those little bodies. Tennille made a delicious cake for me as I opened presents and enjoyed every minute of being with my family.

"Hurry, stand behind me so it looks like I have friends!"


We don't have a piano.. give us a break

We spent that night up at the cabin. We stayed up late playing UNO with Matt and Kay. Monday morning my Birthday came. Cam leans over to me and nudges me to look on the side of the bed. There was a little present waiting for me! He got me a beautiful locket. He even picked it out all by him self! We spent the day riding the razor and the 4 wheelers around and lounging at the cabin. That night, we went to the last Jazz game of the season. I think the best part of the night was when the bear came and picked me up and starting kissing me. I could even hear the kisses under the mask! Good times. Great Birthday. Best family. Ever.

We flew home that night, after the game. Cam's sister Crystal was so sweet to pick us up. She gave me her present in the car- free tickets to the Ghost Tours in San Diego! I can't wait to go! I love freaky stuff! I came home to find a present for me on the bed- the yellow shoes I've been wanting so much! We then conked out. The next day, Cam told me that he was taking me out for my Birthday dinner that night, and it was a surprise where we were going. I was so excited, but for some reason I wanted to go to Beni Hana! I texted him, and said,  "Hey, we should go to Beni Hana!" He promised we'd go another time, but he really thinks I'll like the place he has reservations at. As we pull up to the restaurant, it's Beni Hana! HA! He had planned on taking me there all along. So precious. It was the best meal, with my best friend.

We have been preparing to sell a bunch of stuff at the Swap meet for a while now. Well, this last weekend we finally did it! Cams family and us all sold stuff. Cam was so sick of me, but I kept forcing us to go through EVERY little THING in the house that we could possibly sell. We worked our magic, and made  $350! The best part- a CLUTTER FREE home! Good times.

Me workin it to sell my clothes!


  1. Sounds like you had such a good birthday! You look so beautiful in all these pics, I miss Jazz games!! So glad you and the Jazz bear got to catch up;)

  2. Miss you and love you! Can't believe I had missed out on reading this post before!