Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{A new "Home Away from Home"}

WELL. Here we are. Cam and I have officially started our lives in Southern California, and to be 100% honest, we are loving it. I've been having a ball decorating the house and unpacking- I don't know if Cam can say the same while he's at work all day, but he always has a good attitude about waking up while it's still dark every morning. We have had so much fun exploring the city, and we are starting to meet friends! It really is such a different world out here. I have only lived in Utah my whole life,  and it is definitely a big  change to see the ocean when I'm driving to the grocery store! It's a lot better than seeing Utah Lake ;) I'm so glad that I have this opportunity to live here and start a life with my husband.

The weather is wonderful. Coming from Utah, where it is probably already snowing ;) .. this is paradise to me. Although, I miss the leaves changing this time of year in the beautiful mountains, and the smell of fall. It's October, and people are out at the beach surfing and the sun is shining, now- I can't complain about that, can I? The other night after dinner, Cam and I went down to the ocean and saw the red tide. I had never seen anything like it! We tried to get video footage, but it wasn't the best- so if you haven't seen it you need to google it. It was magical.  It has been SO fun being able to finally spend time with Cam's family. This last weekend, they took us to a Jazz concert. It was awesome, yet another thing I have never seen! We even got our own champagne glasses as our ticket! I'd say at least half of the people there were pretty dang close to WASTED.  Haha.. it was a great time.

A lot of people have asked me how I'm doing out here, without my family and friends and with Cam at work during the day. Of course- I tell them I am doing just fine, and learning to be a great homemaker and becoming more independent.  And ya know what? That really is the truth. I really have adjusted pretty well. I miss home. I miss my family and my precious nieces and nephews- But I wouldn't want to be anywhere that Cam isn't. I wouldn't change this opportunity for the world and everything that's in it! I want to learn to be a wonderful wife and mother, and I believe that this is my time to develop those things needed. However, I won't lie- I miss my little best friend Norah, tremendously! I think about her little face all the time. In fact, the other day I wrote on Tennille's facebook telling her to have "Norah to call me sometime".  Short after I did that, I get a phone call from a precious little voice in Utah- Norah! The best part is, Tennille didn't see the post until after they called me. Great minds think a like :) I know it's because Norah misses me too ;) At least I hope.

It's good that Halloween is coming up, because this is my favorite time of the year. Pulling all the decorations out, going to the Halloween stores, looking for costumes for Cam and I (yeah, I know what all of you are thinking- last year is going to be hard to beat..( Barbie & Ken) and decking the house out in spooky decor has really helped me with the big move. I've had so much fun the last couple of days (yes, I started decorating for Halloween the FIRST day of October.. why wouldn't I?) using some of my time to decorate for my favorite time of the year.

While my parents were on their mission in Italy this time, last year, I lived in their home. Although I was the only one living there at the time, that didn't stop me from using every last Halloween decoration (my mom has the best ones) and putting them out. I don't know what it is about this holiday, but it makes me feel.. at home. Ever since I can remember, my mom and I would decorate for Halloween together each year, and go out and buy new spooky decorations, and bake Halloween treats and we'd all watch scary movies (Signs is about all my parents can handle). I have developed such a "little-kid-at-Disneyland" feeling for this holiday. I love the coziness of the season, and the adrenaline rush of the chainsaw massacre chasing us at the haunted houses. Well, not really, but it all comes with the holiday, right? I know it all sounds pretty silly, but in all honestly- having Halloween coming up this month, timed with just moving here- has really helped me "feel at home", at my new home.

I am so excited to start this new adventure with my best friend, and do all that I can to support him and our new little family of 2 (yes, 2- just 2, for a lonnng time ;))  I can't wait to start traditions now, that we can do with our kids one day. We had our first official Family Home Evening lesson last night. We read The Family Proclamation together- what better way to start in a new home. Being married has been SO much fun so far. I know there will be tough times, but I know that Cam and I can do it, as long as we keep Christ in our marriage. Through him, "we can do all things."


  1. Yay I'm the first to comment! Can't wait to follow your blog! Your house is darling, I'm so glad your loving it there, I will try to not be jealous when you write about surfing and I write about being snowed in:). Can't wait to see what your up to next!

  2. I love the pics of your house! And check out my blog today--once again, great minds think alike! :)

  3. Not to make you jealous or anything, but if you were still in Utah you could have done THIS!: