Monday, October 10, 2011

{One Month ago Today}

 One month ago from today, I was sealed for time and all eternity, to my best friend and love of my life. I can't believe it's already been a month. I'm still trying to take it all in! It has definitely been an amazing month with Cam.

After we got married, we spend 8 days in Maui for our honeymoon. It was such a beautiful, relaxing and fun time. Now we truly know why honeymoons are needed after a wedding. It was exactly what we needed. We spent a lot of time at the beach, swimming at our resort- they had 9 pools with slides connecting each one, we took a helicopter ride over the island of Maui- it was incredible.

I wanted to get a couples massage so bad, from the first day. However, The Grand Wailea was definitely not going to get 600 dollars out of our pockets for it! So I had my eye out for massage places all week. One night, we went to see the movie The Help. We arrived to the theater about a half hour early, so we walked around for a little bit. As we walked past a nail salon called, "Lovely Nails", I told Cam that they have "massages" written on the window! Let's go get one! Everything happened so fast. They attacked us. The 2 Asian workers, and one white lady that worked there, sitting outside like a bum eating food, insisted that we come in and get massages! I told them we only have 30 minutes, and as they were dragging us by our arms to the back room of the salon, they said "We do 30 minute. 30 minute OK." The old Asian lady demanded that Cam goes into one room, and I go into another. . and we didn't see each other for 30 minutes. The big white lady that was outside eating, gave Cam a massage. The old Asian man gave me a massage, and all it consisted of was a lot of chopping my back up and down. Yep- just like how you're picturing it in your mind right now. Poor Cam. He had no idea what was going on, except a big waste of money. HA! Well, The Help was really good!

We ended the week with going to the "Old Lahaina Luau". It was a lot of.. fun.. and, interesting. The Luau food and dancing was great! The table we sat at.. mmm, not so great. It was cool how we sat on the ground at the table though, like the natives! haha. So, there were 3 other couples at our table. One was a white trash couple from Chicago, an Asian woman that was really annoying the whole time, with her Asian husband who didn't say one word the whole time. Last but not least, a 55 year old gay couple. Men. They were the ones talking the whole time and telling us about their lives. They're from San Francisco, they work in a flower shop, and they pulled out pictures of their "kids." This is where the interesting part comes in. They started telling us about how they have been together for almost 20 years, and they are really hoping to celebrate their 20th year- by getting married! Yikes. I was just WAITING for this to come up.. so the white trash couple from Chicago gets all excited for them "Oh, prop 8 just passed in Chicago!! We are routin' for ya!".. Of course the Asian woman is still talking, and boosting the gay couple's idea. One of the gay guys says.."Yeah, well ya know the Mormon church has been reallllly against us for some reason, with Prop 8.." Asian woman: "Who are they to judge?!" "Yeah!" "Yeah!!" .. I literally was silent and my stomach was turned upside down. I had all these scenerios playing out in my mind that I though was going to happen. They were going to turn to Cam and me and ask what we think, or somehow they would find out we're Mormon, what in the world would we say? Well, we kept our mouths shut, and the night went on. We thought about saying something, but we really didn't want to stir anything up. It was pretty dang funny, but quite uncomfortable. But hey, the Luau was great!

So our honeymoon was amazing, and pretty dang funny haha. We had a great time.

I'm so excited for all of the adventures to come with our marriage. It's only been one month, but I know time goes by so fast, and I don't want to waste a minute. I am so thankful for everyone who helped out with the wedding, and all of our family who have supported us and made the reception so much fun! We love you guys so much. 

Happy one month anniversary to us!



  1. The last picture is so precious, even if A2 looks depressed about life. :)

  2. Haha! I love all the funny stories from you honeymoon! Your pictures are stunning. Love your dress!

  3. I have awkward chills for you at dinner.