Friday, October 21, 2011

{The 99 Percent}

Let's see, it's been about a month since we have moved out here. It has been quite the adventure- I must say. I still don't think that it has completely hit me that I live here now. This is my new home. Whaaa? It's definitely been a lot of fun so far. I didn't realize how much I would appreciate having a garage door opener and a dryer- until we didn't have them. Luckily, we took care of that.

A couple of weekends ago, Cam and I had the opportunity to go to the San Diego Temple. It was amazing to actually be able to go inside. As a little girl, it had always been my favorite temple. The "Castle" temple. I always had this idea that I'd live in San Diego one day, and be close to the Temple. Again.. Whaa? Here I am. Here we are, Cam and I-- living in SD, close to the temple. It is such an incredible temple. It was so fun to go with Cam on a weekend. I'm so excited to be able to go to this temple regularly.

We also went into downtown SD with our friends Matt + Amanda the other weekend. It's so fun driving into the city at night, and seeing the beautiful skyline of the city. It's crazy to live so close to a big  city! Don't get me wrong, Salt Lake City is pretty rad.. :) So, we heard about this "World Famous" .. "Scariest in the nation" Haunted house downtown- "The Haunted Hotel." OF COURSE we are going to go! I was so excited, I love haunted houses. 16 bucks each, but hey- number one attraction, right? So we go downtown and have a good dinner together, and then head over to this haunted hotel deal. Yeah. So we got in line behind some drunk marine dudes. Every person around us was smoking- Literally, everyone. One of the crazy worker chicks with half of her face all "bloody and stuff", came up to us and talked with us for like 15 minutes. If you're going to bug us about who knows what and smoke right in our faces, can't you at least take us to the front of the line our something? Oh, but she said we should get in there in about 15 minutes, so it's all good. Don't worry, we finally got to the front an hour and 15 minutes later. AWESOME. For some reason the whole time the drunk marines kept calling Cam and Matt "Aussies" from Australia. Interesting. Of course, we were in there group to go through the haunted hotel. The best part was watching one of the marines try to hug and kiss all of the "haunts" . We were basically being pushed through the haunted house, and 10 minutes went by, and we were out on the street again. It was over.. Whaaaa? TEN MINUTES LONG? Wow. That kind of blows, eh? haha! Hey, it was all worth it to be entertained by drunk marines all night!

OH- But it gets BETTER. As we were walking to our car a few blocks up, we walked past the base camp of "Occupy San Diego." We all looked at each other with grins, and looked behind us to the sound of loud drums and passionate yelling voices. "WE ARE, THE 99 PERCENT. WE ARE, THE 99 PERCENT." There were hundred of them in the street holding up signs and telling us to join them. They were led by a stout man with a long beard and long hair. "WE ARE THE 99 PERCENT." All of the sudden, we found our selves chanting with them and walking in the streets! It was insane. WHO are these people! WHAT THE. Our friend Matt made a funny point as we were walking, that it is so ironic that we are in one of the most desired places to live (San Diego, La Costa, etc) and the people that are protesting live here! In this expensivvveeee place! We walked away and got into our cars and drove home.


Yeah, so the Haunted Hotel was a clear BUST, but the rest of the night was definitely a hit. I leaned over to Cam and told him I felt like we were in the movie Bruce Almighty, when the town was on fire and everybody was going crazy. Don't worry though, Occupy San Diego is still there, at their base camp downtown in their tents-- un-showered if you want to go hangout with them.

My life has been kind of all over the place this last year or so. Last summer I was in Italy, walking the beautiful ancient streets, this last summer I was at home in Orem, planning My wedding, now- I'm here, in San Diego, California, with my husband (yeah, still sounds weird to say it, but I love it! Husband! ) I miss Italy so much, it truly made an imprint on my heart. However, it is so beautiful here, with so many hills and vegetation- that it reminds me of Bella Italia.



  1. I hope to be the 1% one day. We should "occupy" the streets wearing pimp daddy suites and chanting "WE - ARE - THE - ONE -PERCENT

  2. I'm with Micah, well have Apple design our picket signs, and camp out in our tents from REI. Well never go home, the city will be ours!!